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We lead Europe's travel, curating Croatian experiences via guided cultural exploration and opulent coastline yacht charters for a luxurious vacation.

Welcome! My name is Maruša, and I am the Yacht Charter Croatia manager.

It brings us immense joy to be the driving force behind one of Europe’s most dynamic travel enterprises. With a diverse range of brands, our team is fueled by an unwavering passion for curating unforgettable moments for visitors coming from every corner of the world. We love Croatia, and that’s why we committed to making an extraordinary vacation for you. 

Croatia has truly enchanted us with its opulent cultural mosaic and breathtaking natural allure. What truly sets this destination apart is its awe-inspiring coastline, offering limitless avenues for exploration. Navigating the tranquil waters of the Adriatic Sea unveils the most extraordinary method of discovering Croatia’s coastal treasures.

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From hidden enclaves to charming fishing hamlets, a realm of marvels awaits at every twist and turn. Our team of seasoned professionals will expertly guide you in crafting the ideal itinerary, ensuring that no gem remains undiscovered.

As a respected provider of holidays in Croatia, expanding our repertoire to encompass yacht charters felt like a seamless progression. Hence, we present you with the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary voyage aboard a splendid vessel, where the opulence of the best resorts seamlessly melds with the freedom to wander Croatia’s captivating shorelines.

Our esteemed clients can bask in the luxury of unwinding on deck, surrounded by awe-inspiring panoramas, take refreshing plunges into crystal-clear waters, and unearth the hidden marvels of Croatia’s coastal wonders. Our dedicated team stands ever-ready to extend their support, ensuring an experience that will forever linger in your memory.

Introducing Our Team 

A group of passionate individuals united by their love for the sea and Croatia’s breathtaking landscapes, our team is driven by a profound desire to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with fellow enthusiasts. As dedicated travelers, we have explored every corner and crevice of this diverse country.

Our foremost goal is to help you in selecting the ideal yacht and curate a personalized itinerary that aligns with your preferences and aspirations. We take great pleasure in offering guidance and sharing our insights, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries.

Straigrad town on Island Hvar, Croatia

Our comprehensive array of services encompasses all aspects, from yacht reservation to coordinating logistical arrangements with the owner and crew. We’ll provide you with expert recommendations for planning your itinerary, suggest the most exquisite destinations to discover, and highlight essential landmarks not to be missed. To ensure your complete peace of mind, our support is at your disposal 24/7, enabling you to unwind and fully immerse yourself in the lap of luxury during your vacation.

Discover Your Dream Yacht Charter 

We invite you to explore our collection of opulent yachts, each exuding the utmost comfort and elegance. With a diverse array of amenities and styles to choose from, you are bound to discover a vessel that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Should our current offerings not precisely meet your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to finding a solution that surpasses your expectations.


To sum up, we are excited to share our enthusiasm for Croatia with you and extend a warm invitation to join us aboard one of our exceptional yacht charters. Coupled with our top-tier services, our team of experts assures an unforgettable holiday experience.

Explore the exquisite fleet of Yacht Charter Croatia and connect with us through our inquiry form. We are committed to responding promptly and initiating the planning of your dream yacht charter holiday in the breathtaking coastal paradise of Croatia.

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Take the opportunity to curate your dream voyage with Yacht Charter Croatia, allowing you to chart a course to the hidden gems adorning this coastal paradise.
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